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Agenda 2063 TV Show — Coming up next edition: Celebrating Doreen Nawa (Agenda 2063 Media Network)

In the next edition of Agenda 2063 TV Show, I will be interviewing Doreen Nawa, who was nominated by her peers in the official NEPAD-AUDA Agenda 2063 Media Network as one of the most hard-working journalists promoting Agenda 2063 from Zambia in late July.

I am doing two things with this interview — helping celebrate hard-working reporters promoting Agenda 2063, and giving visibility to the Agenda 2063 Media Network, which was established in 2018 by NEPAD-AU Development Agency to bring together journalists across the Continent to champion Agenda 2063.

Ghana’s country Champion is the host of the Show and is also a proud member of the Network. This is dedicated to all reporters doing their best to unpack Agenda 2063 narratives: the space is here!😁🔥


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