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Why Kenyatta in Brussels matters to Africa

The erstwhile Brussels-based Africa Caribbean Pacific Group of States (est 1975) was the point of discussion in December 2019 in Nairobi. The Summit took place in the same hotel an African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) meeting took place, with the security and protection of the phalanx of diplomats prioritised by the Kenyan state.

Little did some of us know history was in the making that December as ACP was dissolved and the Georgetown Agreement that birthed it 1975 would offer a name-change that would make it the Organisation of African Caribbean Pacific States (OACPS), with Kenya chairing the new birth.

Today, Kenyatta is in Brussels, Belgium, in his capacity as Chair of the OACPS. His Office’s twitter feed suggests a stentorian approach attacking the EU for being unilateral in the decisions it takes on OACPS matters.

For those of us who have intimate knowledge of erstwhile ACP-EU matters back in the day, many African leaders had something to say about the EU…despite the EU Commission paying the better-part of salaries of the ACP Secretariat. Behind the scenes, ACP ambassadors quietly bemoaned the dependence on the EU and how they needed to wean themselves off. Ofcourse, many enjoyed the largesse and so much of it appeared to be lip-service!

Now that AfCFTA is here, we can speculate that an emboldened Kenya may feel more audacious to challenge the EU on how it manages relationships around the new OACPS.

The question is: how quickly should some of us strategize on this audacity to carve the African future, indeed the #AfricaWeWant for posterity?

check the twitter feed here:

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