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East Africa Rising Platform Talk: What are Members saying about their Electricity Service Providers ?


It’s rainy season in Nairobi and there are some reports of power outages across the capital.

KENYA POWER has been helping customers brace themselves and cope with it.  In *Ghana*, Electricity Company of Ghana has improved its outreach to customers by inviting them to report through certain social media channels. Still room for improvement. Here is how Kenya does theirs 👇🏿

Kenyans can report power outages through the company’s Twitter handle *by accompanying the alert with their meter number* and close landmark for easy tracing. 

The company has also provided other avenues for reporting through its *mobile app or dialling *977#*

ECG has improved its customer service considerably, but we can still do better…


On the platform, we put out the question to members.

One Ugandan added Uganda has a hotline, while another Ugandan claimed power only goes off when an opposition leader is delivering a speech.

We at EAR management explained how working in Accra in March, our power went off, and, curiously, at the same time as colleagues in Zambia and Botswana. Lights would return some fifteen minutes later in Accra and almost at the same time as in Zambia and Botswana. This prompted the question: “how do *Zambia & Botswana* electricity providers reach out to their customers? HOTLINE? Social media?”

Meanwhile, an EAR member from Zimbabwe explained: 

“The Southern Africa Power Pool (SAPP) should be able to explain what happened there in Zambia and Botswana. 

 Power pooling can have an interestingly transparent mode of cross-checking power outages over borders especially if it’s a demand driven outage….”

He added:

“I once tried to push for the East African Power Pool to be operationalised similarly to the SAPP during my days of onboarding the Observatory On Regional Integration – and that’s when I found out that the Renaissance dam was at advanced stages of conceptualisation at the time and was asked to “quietly and patiently wait” till the dam was constructed coz that’s when it would make sense to even have it (EAPP offices) located in Ethiopia.”


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