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Ghana engages Rwanda on Sanitation. Ghana to learn lessons

an excerpt screen capture of CITI TV’s news item on Ghana learning lessons from Rwanda on environmental sanitation

Whatever you may think about Ghana learning lessons from Rwanda, for those of us at East Africa Rising , we are excited by prospect of Ghana thinking it needs to go to the reputed best on the Continent for best practice. Quite why this did not happen much earlier is anyone’s guess, but in an age of robust hashtags, citizens can better keep them on their toes on the output of the visit.

Citi fm itself organised its #HelloKigali tour back in 2017. Four years on, not quite sure the recommendations of that trip beyond learning about Rwanda.

Good to know that citi Fm was part of the Ghana government delegation to Rwanda. As with a lot of these visits, we can only pray it amounts to better practice in Ghana and an enhanced synergy on sanitation between Ghana and Rwanda.

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