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SMART AFRICA: 10 most read pro-development and success stories in April

The Editor’s Note:

  • Four of the most read stories last month were interviews conducted with Career Professionals from Namibia, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe;
  • Property and Real Estate business in Nairobi Kenya, attracted considerable readership too;
  • Features on a brand new Car in South Africa, Banking and Finance in DRC, and Telecommunication and Technology in Nigeria, also made it to the top:

10. SMART PROPERTY: Kenya’s real estate market update

9SMART REAL ESTATE: Why Hemingways Nairobi is the best Five-Star hotel in its class

8. DRC: Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta unveils Equity Bank’s brand new subsidiary in Kinshasa

7. NAMIBIA: How City of Windhoek plans to recruit its new CEO

6. NIGERIA: Audiomack, MTN to bring music streaming to over 76 million subscribers at ZERO DATA COST

5. SMART ZIMBABWE: Here are practical ideas on how best to revive the country’s economy

4. SMART CAR: Land Rover Defender – Purposeful Durability

3. SMART NAMIBIA: State of press freedom, political economy and navigating Covid-19 pandemic

2. SMART UGANDA: Meet a German lady singing in Kiswahili, Luganda and ready for business in Africa

1. SMART ZAMBIA: A conversation with Kazhila Chinsembu – a Full Professor of Molecular Biology and Drug Discovery


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